Players to participate in the tournament must have their own FIDE ID as required by FIDE rules in use in the Italian Federation tournaments.

Italian players or foreign players who live on regular basis in Italy must be in compliance with the Italian Chess Federation membership.

Pairing system: Swiss-Dutch. Tie break system: buchholz system. The Chief Arbiter’s decision is final.

With reference to RTF of Italian Chess Federation – article 7.5.1, a bye, corresponding to ½ point, can be requested excluding the last 3 (three) scheduled rounds. Request, indicating to which round is referred to needs to be introduced arbiters before start of the tournament player intends to take part in.

Arriving at the board 60 minutes later than the scheduled starting time, forfeits the game.

Players are required to present themselves in the game room with clothing that is appropriate to the international profile of the event.

It is not allowed to keep in the tournament area any kind of electronic device,

Partecipation implies tacit and implicit acceptance and the observance of the CONDITION of ENTRY plus maximum sporting behavior.

According to Italian Chess Federation (FSI) rules the organizer reserves the right to make occasional changes where appropriate (prior notice will be given at the start of the event and by the website ) to match scheduled times and rounds to improve the smooth running of the tournament. What is not covered by this announcement and for event regulation please check out this official website and FIDE rules on official FIDE website